Carmel was having issues collecting rent on time from their residents, which took time away from other tasks. And those residents, who forgot to pay on time, were frustrated with the late fees. Carmel came to IRIO looking for a solution that would improve rent collection as well as create efficiencies with the collection process.
The Solution

On the third day of the month, IRIO delivered a SMS text message reminder to all residents who were past due on their rent.

The message let them know late fees would kick in on the 5th of the month.

The Carmel

On the same day the message was sent, Carmel managed to collect 100% of rent from all residents past due. IRIO’s text messaging solution drove residents to engage unlike anything Carmel had seen before.


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How We're Doing It For Cambridge Oaks
The due date for renewals with the apartment community was getting closer, and Cambridge Oaks was having trouble getting residents to renew leases.