TextCommunity is our broadcast messaging product, allowing you to send messages directly to your list of subscribers, a segmented group of subscribers, or even an individual subscriber. You can use templates, add tags, import lists, and so much more. You can even customize your subscriber opt-in flow to gather data from your subscribers via text if that’s important to you.
TextConnect is our lead generation/engagement product, allowing any person to connect with a business or organization once they’ve texted into the program. TextConnect hosts several applications like Text-2-Win, Text-4-Info, Text-2-Donate, Text-4-Comment, Text-4-Survey, and Live Chat. Utilizing patent pending technology, the product is designed to maximize the digital experience.
Yes! You can change the plan at any time, and the change will take effect immediately. Changing a plan often results in a proration, a charge adjustment, which will be included in upcoming invoice.
We know seeing a surprise charge can be frustrating. That’s why we’ve enabled “Threshold Reminders” so you can be notified when you’re nearing capacity and either upgrade your plan or wait until your next billing cycle to send the message. Should you not upgrade your plan, any messages sent over your allotment will be calculated at the same per message rate and added to your next invoice. If you’re consistently going over your allotment, we recommend changing to a higher allotment plan and save yourself some money!
We consider a message as one outbound message from the IRIO platform to a user’s phone. We do not charge you for inbound messages! In addition, each message sent is considered 1 message. So if you send 2 messages to all 500 subscribers, that will count as 1,000 messages.
We don’t charge you extra for per-seat licenses. Feel free to add as many users as you need.

Unfortunately, we have to limit this to the number of people currently inhabiting the Earth. For a real-time count, click here

A short code is a sequence of 5- or 6-digit numbers to which text messages can be sent. Short codes are easy to remember, approved by the carriers, and allow for a higher message throughput than traditional long codes. IRIO’s short code is 47464.
SMS messages have a limit of 160 characters. This includes spaces, numbers, and special characters. As you’re composing a message in IRIO, we’ll let you know how many characters you have left.
Great Question! A keyword is a unique string of letter or numbers, such as HELLO or MOREINFO, that when texted in to a short code triggers your custom opt-in flow and allows them to join your subscriber list.
Of course! IRIO has grown as a result of superior customer service. No matter the size of your business, we want to see you succeed. Should you still have questions after our training program, our team will be on call to provide any additional services or consultation.

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