Captivate The Community

A multi-capable platform customized for resident and
prospect communication.

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Multi-family property managers have a tough job. Not only are they tasked with growing their community by attracting new residents, they also have to engage with the current ones. That being said, effective communication is critical. Text message marketing makes the communication fast, simple, and easy to process no matter how busy the day.

No more notes in mailboxes or tacked to doors. No more unchecked voicemails. No more emails residents won’t read. Inform prospects instantly. Notify residents immediately. Give property managers the power to convert and retain residents with text message marketing.

Mobilize Prospects

Generate qualified leads and build your community with text message marketing.

Attracting and qualifying leads is a challenge facing real estate today, but IRIO found the solution. Activate a keyword, utilize automated response technology and carry out two-way conversations via text message to generate and convert leads for your properties. Once the prospect texts in, you immediately make the connection and the technology handles the prospect for you. Connect faster and through the medium prospects prefer with text message marketing.


Increased Sales, Qualified Lead Generation, Reduced Vacancy, Marketing Automation, and Informed Customers.
Residents Engaged

Engage your community of residents through text message marketing.

Engage. Easier said than done. But it can be done. With the right technology, you can access your residents within seconds and drive engagement beyond the old standards set. Text messaging taps into a vein of immediacy email and even push notifications can’t quite reach. It’s not just selecting a list and pressing send. It’s smart targeting, personal messaging, data tracking, group messaging, report building, bulk messaging, and even enhanced emergency messaging. With IRIO, it’s not just an add-on, it’s an evolving software fitted with features optimized for unparalleled resident communication via text message.


Increased Resident Retention, Immediate Communication, Increased Resident Satisfaction, Emergency Preparedness, and Marketing Automation.
How We're Doing It For Cambridge Oaks
The due date for renewals with the apartment community was getting closer, and Cambridge Oaks was having trouble getting residents to renew leases.
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