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The world of giving has changed. It’s no longer reliant on a pre-addressed, pre-stamped return envelope. It’s not even reliant on a fancy website. Now, we can give when the moment strikes or when the need is immediate, all from the convenience of the phone in almost all of our pockets through a simple text message.

Text message marketing offers something that organizations need. Results. With it, you gather more volunteers, more donations, more hands to get the job done. People want to help, they just need to know how. And you need to reach them. So use a virtually guaranteed way to reach them, text message marketing.

Modernize Giving

Raise money with text message marketing when the need’s greatest. Right now.

Fundraising is often an “in the moment” feeling. People suddenly see a wrong that needs to be righted, or people who suddenly need help. These people are compelled to do something. Wait too long, though, and that urge to help fades. But that’s what happens if you require those people to take too many steps in order to make a donation. But by using IRIO’s Text 2 Donate platform, you can connect with those givers when the compulsion to give strikes. Text 2 Donate also allows for an organization to add horsepower to its fundraising engine without the need for additional staff.


Increased Donations, Secure Giving, Better Engagement, and Larger Outreach.

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Mobilize Volunteers

With text message marketing, excite and encourage volunteers to keep helping your cause.

Engaging your volunteer base is no easy task. Email struggles to generate the needed numbers and social media can often get looked over. Due to the 98% read rate, text message marketing will generate engagement the moment you hit send. You can message individuals, select groups, or your whole database to get things moving. Schedule text messages for an upcoming event or send them on a recurring schedule to keep activity levels up. No matter the need, text message marketing is there to get things done.


Increased Participation, Better Engagement, Marketing Automation, Enhanced Efficiency, and Immediate Results

Mobile-Generated Volunteers

Utilize patent pending technology to draw in a new wave of volunteers.

You already have a group of loyal members in your organization or chapter. But to keep progress moving forward, you’ll need more hands to get things done. Text message marketing is the solution. By issuing mobile keywords, you’ll allow any person that sees it to text in and sign up for a volunteer opportunity. With automated response technology, you can filter out the applicants and get people signed up without having to do anything! Get things going with a keyword and start building a list of volunteers!


More Volunteers, Faster Progress, Marketing Automation, and Added Efficiencies.

How We're Doing It For Bonton Farms
Bonton Farms wanted to raise $20,000 and then receive a matching grant.
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