Property Management Engagement System

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Your Community Informed.
Your Community Engaged.

Whether your community is made up of students, residents, friends or fans, IRIO’s TextCommunity platform can help you keep them better informed and better engaged by putting your messages on the one device they’ll check–their mobile phones.

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Reach one.
Reach all.

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IRIO’s custom SMS marketing solution lets you send a message to a single member of your community, specific groups via tags, or everyone on your list. Then, after the message goes out, analyze its performance with actionable data and insights in regards to your business.

Messages sent
Response rates from SMS are 209% higher than from phone calls, Facebook or email
Specialized Applications

With IRIO there are no limits on the users who can access the platform, on the number of text messages you can send, or the number of subscribers who can be added to your list.

Add subscribers to your list when they text your keyword.

Filter your subscribers through customizable tags to better target your message.

Tailor SMS messages to specific individuals or groups to deliver better results and reduce opt-outs.

Avoid typing the same message over and over and create templates that can be saved and used whenever you need them.

MMS messaging. Send/receive pictures or videos through text messaging to enhance the effectiveness of your message.

Schedule text messages to automatically go out for events, appointments, or any type of scenario at a later time or on a recurring schedule.

Insert links into your text message to connect subscribers to your website, landing page, or a microsite.

Create and build a microsite using IRIO’s modern design language to engage subscribers and bring life to your brand.

Integrate IRIO’s text messaging capabilities into your application.

Export/import subscribers or subscriber data to or from an excel/csv file.

Create/edit/import preferences, birthdays, locations, and any other custom data.

Display your company logo on the IRIO platform or in your text messages.

Administrative controls that enable restrictions and approvals based on user status.

In addition to text messaging, IRIO activates other mobile marketing tools such as social media and email to maximize the effectiveness of the platform.

Text message recipients  can respond to broadcast messages, and you can respond back. Keep the conversation going with your customers.

Refine the messages you send, who you send them to, and optimize their performance with real-time data and analytics.

Go beyond the standard 160 character limit with the ability to send up to 288 characters!

No more limitations! Send and receive messages on the go. Available on Android and I0S.

Want subscribers to “share their location”? Easy, they just have to share it with you.

Access a digital form that you can easily upload on your site and collect subscribers.

Drop any link into our system and start tracking conversions! With this cool feature, you can test, track, and optimize your messaging through data-driven insights.

Email your subscribers. Add photos, videos, even attach files like PDFs and Office documents.

We can’t get the 🙂 off our faces because texting is way more fun now!

As a unique feature, our emergency messaging capability overrides standard limitations by creating access to your subscribers in case of a crisis.

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