March 5, 2019

The Best Contest for Lead Generation

How We Did it for Dick’s Sporting Goods


Lead generation is always a hot topic in marketing. Constantly changing tech and consumer behaviors can lead a marketer to question, what are the best lead generation strategies right now? We’ve found that contests are a great way to engage potential customers and generate leads.

We recently ran a contest with our mobile marketing platform for one of our retail clients – Dick’s Sporting Goods. Dick’s Sporting Goods entered an extremely competitive market and wanted to generate leads for a grand opening weekend event. They needed something that would draw people in and give them an incentive to participate in the event, and a contest provided just that.

Dick’s Sporting Goods implemented a customized solution, combining IRIO’s SMS Marketing and Text-2-Win products to activate an interactive experience that would engage new customers. They began by placing lockers around the city in various locations. Each locker had a unique text keyword for identification. Additionally, customers could text “LitLocker” to receive text updates on where the lockers would be located. Fantastic prizes were stuffed inside the lockers and customers could use the unique keywords to enter to win. This mobile scavenger hunt contest generated a huge buzz around the city.

6,471 people opted in to the contest.


6,471 leads were generated through this perfect mix of tech and experiential marketing.

Not only were an incredible amount of leads generated, but the ROI was huge, proving that mobile contests for lead generation are a low-risk cost-effective solution.

This success story is just one of many for IRIO’s mobile marketing platform. Through custom text marketing solutions, we provide the best contest format for any brand seeking to optimize their lead-generation game. We can completely customize the text experience based on a client’s needs, budget, or even imagination.

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