May 26, 2020

#1 Communication Method for Universities in 2020

Studies show that text messaging has become the #1 preferred method for college-aged student communication. More than emails, more than phone calls, more than apps… texts are what’s grabbing the attention of Gen Z-er’s everywhere. And Universities need to take note.

We’re currently seeing proof of this stat with one of our clients, Texas A&M University. The Residence Life Department at Texas A&M needed a more effective way to communicate with their students. We built a custom API (Application Programming Interface) that integrates with their student housing software. This means that we developed a solution that works with the systems they already have in place to allow them to begin to communicate important information with their residents via text. This allowed for their staff to quickly adapt to new methods.

It also produced incredible results. When Texas A&M began to use their new text communication platform, 90% of the messages sent to students were read within 3 minutes of sending. Three minutes! What other form of digital communication is this effective? None.

Our texting platform is used by university clients for many different reasons:

– Safety Alerts
– Tuition Reminders
– Admissions
– Package Reminders
– Changes to Dining and Meal Plans
– Two Way Communication with Staff and Faculty
– And More!

With both custom and off-the-shelf solutions, IRIO can work for any budget. The sorority who wants to stay well-connected, the campus security who needs instant two-way communication – the possibilities really are endless.