Next Generation CRM

Powerful software can sometimes pose a challenge for the end user: although feature rich, navigating through the ends and outs can be tough. Not so with us. We built our simple CRM technology with the end user in mind, so you can easily sort through and manage your data, while also keeping track of all your conversations.

See What’s Working

Track the performance of your campaigns and messages to pinpoint your strongest ROI. Key metrics are organized and displayed plainly for easy insights and decision making.

  • Measure ROI with sales conversion reports and lead source tracking
  • Improve performance with messaging analytics and insights
  • Improve conversion with conversation history, notes, and preference tracking

Target Effectively

Don’t “tell” your audience, talk to them. Is it more effective to tell John that a new appointment is available OR that his preferred 3rd-floor studio is instead?

  • Improve messaging with certified/custom API integrations
  • Enhance engagement with dynamic content campaigns
  • Save time and organize data with custom tags, groups, and stages

Be Relational. Be Conversational.

Manage ALL of your conversations in one place. Our “message center” allows your teams to track, update, assign, and engage contacts who have responded to campaigns.

  • Improve responsiveness with a conversations HUB
  • Reduce lead losses with automated follow-ups and response notifications
  • Enhance team performance with conversations tracking and analytics
  • Core Features

    Data Tagging
    Segment your data to send personalized campaigns
    Data Segmentation
    Create custom groupings for better targeting and organization
    Field Customization
    Add unlimited custom fields to view data how you want to see it
    Opt-Out Automation
    If a contact unsubscribes from SMS or Email, don't worry about it! Our system manages it for you so the unsubscribers won't receive any future messages
    Opt-In Automation
    If a contact subscribes via SMS or Email, our system will auto-update their info immediately
    Conversations History
    Track and manage all SMS and Email conversations
    Unlimited Data Exports/Imports
    You can manually upload excel, .csv files, or copy/paste data into our platform
    Custom Integrations
    We can build an integration with any platform as long as the APIs are available
    Data Filtering
    Save time with custom views and filters
    Contact Stages
    Track the life cycle of your leads and customers
    Field Personalization
    Capture all sorts of data and use it in your campaigns to better engage your audience

    “IRIO has been a lifesaver! Our number of resident complaints have dropped to virtually zero since we began using this system. I love how easy it is to use.”

    - Property Manager at Lexington Hills Apartments