Virtual Sales Agent

Lead generation takes time. Time is the one thing businesses struggle to control. They invest greatly in resources, yet spend countless hours to deliver both quality and quantity when it comes to lead generation. This is where AI finds a new solution.

Qualified Lead Generation

Automatically qualify leads before they are handed off to a sales rep. Our conversational AI can engage with new leads, identify preferences, and even book appointments.

  • Reduce lead loss with instant replies and follow-up
  • Improve sales with new, qualified leads that are ready for the next step
  • Save time and support sales teams with automated SMS conversations

Inbound Lead Handling

Once a lead has been generated and pre-qualified, our AI can handle conversations, hand leads off to the sales team, or even match leads with products from answers provided.

  • Increase conversion with personalized recommendations
  • Improve sales team efficiency with qualified lead hand-offs
  • Reduce lead loss with automated calendar scheduling via Outlook, Office 365, and Gmail

Sales Conversion

Analytics are essential for a personalized approach and effective messaging. AI handles the conversations and collects the data before hand-off, enabling sales teams to increase conversions by up to 75%.

  • Track performance with sales conversion reporting
  • Analyze stage progression with stage reporting
  • Improve the sales approach with pre-qualified lead data

Core Features

Coversational SMS
Engage in meaningful two-way conversations via SMS
Mobile/Digital Lead Entry
Utilize mobile keywords (i.e. Text "Villas" to 47464) or Web widgets to generate new leads
Response Customization
Customize the bot's SMS workflows and responses to better suit your brand
Product Matchmaking
Our AI bot can gather information and generate a product match based on the lead's preferences
Sales Assistant
We let AI support sales teams with automated hand-offs after lead qualification
Appointment Scheduling (Office 365/Google/Outlook)
Use office 365, Google, or Outlook for your team's calendar? Our system syncs and can allow leads to book open time slots with your reps
Auto-Generate Custom Product Websites
Our content management database enables you to update your product information and generate landing pages
Lead Reporting
Track the two most important metrics (sales conversion and stage progression) for your leads

“IRIO Mobile has proven to be a terrific source of leads for Sterling Collwood, as it allows prospective residents to connect instantly with our community.”

- Pam West, Regional Supervisor, The Dinerstein Companies