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  • Nonprofits

    When there is a lot going on people tend to go into “survival mode” and only focus on what has the highest priority. Things like donating time and money to help others and nonprofits get pushed to the back burner. The reality is the world is being shaped around our mobile phones. To access the…

  • Multifamily Marketing

    Dealing with resident complaints, attracting and qualifying leads, collecting rent, engaging residents—these are just a few of the challenges property managers face. Good communication is the key to success in life, work, and relationships. The same is true for property management in Multifamily. Communication comes in many forms and the trick is finding the most…

  • emergency notification system, mass text, student communication, lead generation, university, texting, SMS

    The first thing any university needs to keep in mind when taking on a new development is the student. How will they feel? How will this affect their experience? The main thing to know is that students don’t want to be bothered, but more importantly, they don’t want to be inconvenienced. And can you blame…

  • Ten for One, Trees

    One misty morning, all we had was an open field, a fence, and a few little trees. As city folk, my family and I knew nothing about planting those fruit trees we’d bought at the local nursery. So like most people who don’t know anything about what they’re up against, we went ahead and started…

  • Ten for One: Who We Help

    ten for one, trees, environment, mobile marketing

    Growth is not something that happens in a day. There are none who desire it less when it comes to change, that is, change with poverty, hunger, and environmental strain. It takes time and is rewarded to the patient of heart. But what many don’t know is that there is a way to accelerate growth….