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  • customer service

    Giving consumers the right amount of service and attention is a never ending battle these days. But if you want to gain their loyalty, you have to show them you care. Sales and customer service departments are dedicated to this practice by actively engaging and smoothing things over. The more personalized the experience, the more…

  • internal communication

    As an HR rep, your job is to sort out sticky situations. We all know that in the office place most, if not all, issues arise from lacking internal communication. But thanks to recent developments in the tech space, solving common internal communication issues is simpler than you think.   Here are 4 ways to…

  • recruiting

    Step 1: Display a Keyword for Candidates Using a text recruiting program, display a keyword on your website, store front, or anywhere else a potential employee could be searching. The display can be as simple as “Text ‘Jobs’ to 47464”. A potential candidate could be shopping at your store or standing at the checkout counter…

  • retail

    Every day, consumers are exploring new digital crossways and the retail industry is doing what they can to adapt. In 2018, the Millennial Market will have more spending power than baby boomers, and by 2020 they will have a collective spending power of 1.4 trillion. As a result, we’ll see new retail behavior geared toward…

  • Infographic: SMS for Multifamily

    Get the low-down on how easy and effective it is to use SMS marketing for your multifamily property. Create a community your residents can’t help but sign-up for.