February 25, 2022

8 Tips for Great Texting

Keep Your Texting Game Strong!

Given a strong push with Covid, SMS/MMS messaging finally tipped over the edge and plunged into the mainstream flow of business communication. Texting has far surpassed emails in terms of response rates and delivery rates. Younger demographics now prefer to be contacted via text, and the instant messaging gratification has proven useful for businesses of all categories. 

But the question remains: Are you getting the most out of your messaging? A shift from email means a shift in strategy, and different mediums require different techniques to be the most effective.

Here are 8 ways to ensure you are getting the most out of your text messaging!


1. Keep it Simple

Avoid business lingo and technical jargon.

Remember back in elementary school when you took your reading level tests and the smart kids bragged about achieving a 12th grade level when they were only in middle school? If that was you, kudos! But this isn’t the time for bragging rights. 

Bring the 12th grade down to about 4th or 5th grade. An easy-to-read brief snippet is all people want with texting. Give the people what they want, ya know?


2. Keep it Similar

Do you remember Andy Bernard from the office? “I’ll be the number two guy here in Scranton in six weeks. How? Name repetition, personality mirroring and never breaking off a handshake. I’m always thinking one step ahead.”

Turns out, personality mirroring is a real thing, and can be effective if you use it with tact and subtlety. If you are texting back and forth with a prospect, try to get a read on how they typically text and text them back with a similar style. 

For instance, if they are more formal, message back with a formal tone as well. However, if they are using abbreviations and casual dialogue, feel free to loosen up a bit! Which segues nicely into tip number 3.


3. Keep it Casual

Have you ever received a text from someone and the message was cordial, but they threw a period on the end of the sentence and you felt like they were mad at you? Weird, isn’t it? 

Often, they aren’t angry, but the period punctuation places an odd coldness to the message. Consider the following example:


Thank you for scheduling a tour. Your appointment is tomorrow at 3PM. If you sign by month’s end, there is a bonus. You will receive a rent discount.”


“Thank you for scheduling a tour! Your appointment is tomorrow at 3PM. If you sign by month’s end, there’s a bonus – you’ll receive a rent discount!!”


See the difference? It’s not just periods either, but all punctuation all across the board.


4. Keep it Quick

Strike while the iron’s hot, as they say. People are already impatient, and texting has made us even more impatient. When people send a text they want a response yesterday. If you text back immediately, the chances of you locking them into a conversation right then and there are much higher. If you wait, they may get flooded with other tasks, become distracted, or even rationalize being too lazy to text back once the opportunity has cooled.

“I’ll respond to it later.” – Famous last words…


5. Keep it Direct

Consider another example:

“Are we meeting tomorrow?”


“What time are we meeting tomorrow?”

The first question leaves room for doubt, while the second question nails down the event as a certainty. It’s a classic sales tactic, but it works well.

There is a psychology to words, and “W” words like who, what, when, where, why (and sometimes how) are direct words that act as a rudder for conversations. Although small, they provide a massive impact on how the course of an exchange unfolds. 


6. Keep it Friendly

Don’t forget to use emojis! 

Try not to go overboard, but a simple waving emoji after “Hi Taylor :wave::skin-tone-2:” can go a long way. Throw in a simple smiley face or a thumbs up after a positive sentiment, and you have put just the right amount of polish on the apple, so to speak.


7. Keep it Obvious

This may sound ridiculous but tell them who you are. You’d be surprised at how many people forget to do this. Remember, we are referring to texting within the context of business-to-consumer. If I am having a conversation with an entity, I feel much better when I know I am speaking with a real person.

A good example might be:

“Hi, this is Jordan and I am one of the solutions experts over at IRIO! Thanks for texting in, what can I help you with?”


8. Keep’em Guessing!

You’re at work. Stuck in a meeting or doing some mundane task. Your pocket buzzes, and so does your brain. “Oh! Someone texted me!”

That’s your brain’s dopamine center going “Ooo! Piece of candy!” Brief, unexpected distractions foster the release of dopamine. If you have scheduled times where you typically send out routine text blasts, try to mix it up. Vary your texts and send them at different times to avoid predictability. 

You may just get more people’s attention.