Connect Your Community with the Brand

Every community is different. So different that the one-size-fits-all approach typically results in poor engagement. The IRIO platform delivers marketing and sales tools in a unique, multi-location way so that local engagement can reach new heights. Experience the tools that allow communities to connect and thrive!

SMS + Email Marketing (Reach)

  • Engage your community with SMS and Email Marketing channels
  • Increase customer satisfaction with instant two-way messaging
  • Save your team members valuable time with SMS and Email marketing automation
  • Manage SMS and Email conversations on-the-go with the iOS/Android Mobile App

Marketing Automation (Nurture)

  • Combine SMS and Email in your workflows
  • Personalize your SMS and Email Marketing campaigns with custom workflows
  • Save time and improve your data with marketing automation
  • Target your audience effectively with dynamic content

Virtual Sales Agent (Generate)

  • Generate qualified leads with SMS and AI tools
  • Support your sales team with qualified lead hand-offs
  • Control your messaging with custom SMS workflows
  • Reduce your sales-cycle with AI matchmaking technology

Next-Generation CRM (Engage)

  • Maximize sales with robust lead management tools
  • Measure ROI with sales conversion and KPI reporting
  • Measure satisfaction with NPS scores, custom surveys, and voting
  • Manage all conversations and all channels in one place with our contact center


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