April 1, 2019

5 Steps to Simplify Recruiting

Step 1: Display a Keyword for Candidates

Using a text recruiting program, display a keyword on your website, store front, or anywhere else a potential employee could be searching. The display can be as simple as “Text ‘Jobs’ to 47464”. A potential candidate could be shopping at your store or standing at the checkout counter and notice the Call to Action to text in. Now, you’ve managed to get people’s attention that might not otherwise have thought of your establishment when searching for a job.


Step 2: The Interested Candidate Texts in

If our fictional shopper is indeed interested in working for you, they will simply text in the key word using their mobile phone. No asking to speak to a manager. No taking the time to fill out a written application in the store. In very few words, you’ve allowed the candidate to walk away from the store with instructions on how to get one of your positions.


Step 3: Ask Automated But Qualifying Questions

How many resumes have you sifted through, only to find the candidates reach zero of the qualifications you clearly listed? Before you provide them with an opportunity to send you their resume, ask a few questions. Ask how many years of experience they have in the industry, have they managed a team before, do they have a Bachelor’s degree. If they respond with the answers you are looking for, then you can give them a way to send in their resume.


Step 4: Send Them a Link to the Application and Job Description

When they are ready to apply, easily send them a link via text message to the job posting on your website, or any job posting platform. You can relax knowing that the candidates won’t receive access to this step unless they meet the qualifications you are looking for. Text messaging makes the link readily accessible and the process faster than other methods.


Step 5: Ask Them to Choose a Time Slot to Come in for an Interview

Next, you can easily schedule an interview with the candidate by giving them options. You’ve laid out exactly what works for you, and they can easily choose which time works best for them. Simply coordinate via text message whether through automated responses or with a rep on the other side. This adds an elevated level of efficiency to the hiring process that email or phone calls don’t offer.


By using a text marketing platform, you’ve successfully weeded through candidates, collected resumes, and scheduled interviews. If you’re interested in adding a text recruiting program to your recruiting process, ask us how.