August 1, 2017

Retail: How To Get Customers Rushing To Your Store

The retail world is more connected than ever thanks to the Internet, smart phones and other modern conveniences. As a result, the retail landscape has changed.

Empowered shoppers now have more options than they did in the past. In fact, the “always on” nature of retail e-commerce sites and mobile technology has created a new breed of customers who want what they want immediately. Plus, they have no problem going elsewhere for a better deal or better service.

The reality is we are shaping the world around our mobile phones. To access the phone is to access the customer. So, how do you harness its power to reach more retail customers? The answer—text messaging (also referred to as SMS/MMS).

Mobile marketing can be used to enhance traditional retail marketing campaigns. An example would be a promotional sweepstakes supported by SMS.

Consider this: SMS messages have a 98 percent read rate compared to 20 percent for email. SMS/MMS strategies can significantly increase efficiency compared to other marketing methods, like emails that only have a 22 percent open rate. The choice is clear—the most reliable way to reach all mobile users is through SMS.

But, now the question is how exactly do you reach them? Here are 6 of the best ways retailers can utilize SMS/MMS:

1. Exclusive Offers

Use SMS/MMS to advertise special offers like discounts, coupons, daily specials, etc. This is a great alternative to traditional print advertising since customers are 10x more likely to redeem mobile offers than print offers.

2. Promote Special Events

Alert your customers of special events in real time using SMS/MMS. This is ideal for a retailer who wants to promote a semi-annual sale or a pre-sale for their most loyal customers.

3. Sweepstakes

SMS sweepstakes provide a great way to spark customer interest while also adding them to your database. Examples include: a chance to win a gift card, merchandise, free tickets to a local sporting event, etc.

4. Surveys and Polls

SMS surveys and polls provide a faster and less intrusive way for retailers to find out what they’re doing well and what they need to work on. Examples: a customer comment card at a restaurant, store or an event encourages customers to text in a keyword and then rate their experience.

5. Cart Abandonment

Retailers can use SMS/MMS to entice customers to come back to their carts and complete their purchase using incentives. Examples include: free shipping or price discounts.

6. Product Information

Automate lead generation and engage customers by offering useful information about products through SMS/MMS. Examples include: product upsells or new product announcements.

IRIO offers customized SMS/MMS solutions so retailers can reach a wider audience. If you want to improve results, reach out and start using the effective approach. Use what THEY use to communicate. Start texting.