Who Could Win The 2016 Presidential Election
Taylor Davis | 11/07
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Who Could Win The 2016 Presidential Election

Taylor Davis | November 7, 2016 | All

Today is November the 7th, which means we are only one day away from the 2016 Presidential Election. Yes, it’s been a series of trials and terrors. Whether it’s a corporate scandal, political scandal, or a financial scandal, the events of each day will never cease to “keep you in suspense.”

If there is one thing keeping our sanity in anticipation of the 2016 Presidential Election (no it’s not Ken Bone), it’s the bond that we as a free people share in our ability to vote. Nothing is more fundamental than practicing that right for which so many have died to protect. Knowing that we can check a box and slap on the “I voted” sticker adds a sense of control to this questioning reality we call the Presidential Race.

Both candidates have certain strengths in regards to the economy, trade, foreign relations, and national security. But in light of the corruption (nice way to put it) and lacking political composure (nice way to put it), many people on both the Right and Left aren’t enthusiastic about their decision. What more could you ask for with the 2016 Presidential Election? For starters, more people to get out there and vote.

According to Pew Research Center,

“After the June 7 primaries…over 57.6 million people had cast ballots in primaries and caucuses. That’s about 28.5 percent of eligible voters.” (Pew Research)

Despite it being significantly more than the 2008 primary turnout, it still avoids the consensus of the entire voting nation. While IRIO holds no view as to who should win the election, the cause for concern is more so in a system that would elect candidates of measurable unpopularity. Had there been more voters for the primaries, we’d probably have different candidates.

Such a notion sheds light on the idea that the voice of the American people will not be heard. How so? When citizens choose to stay home, practice apathy, and bury their heads in the sand hoping that the 2016 Presidential Election will pass, everyone’s way of life is at risk.  Based on the status of the country, and potential Supreme Court vacancies, this could be one of the most important elections in U.S. history.

With this in mind, the mention of a “rigged system” gave life to possible credibility issues of the 2016 Presidential Election. Everyone wants the truth. For this reason, IRIO has gone ahead of the voting booth and reached out to individuals via social media, asking them to text into our unofficial SMS poll and vote for their candidate. After two weeks of polling, the votes are in, decisions made. Here are the results for our SMS POTUS Poll:

SMS POTUS Poll Results:

  • Trump – 65%
  • Clinton – 30%
  • Johnson – 5%
  • Stein – 0%

On the eve of election day, the unofficial poll indicates a significant shift in the race. While we can’t determine who will win the presidency, a surprise may be on the way. Truth is revealed through data. Voting via text message offers the reliability and speed to get the decision. Once again, we do not support one candidate or the other, but based on these unofficial numbers, Trump may have a better day than expected tomorrow.

Have you made your voice heard yet?

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