June 18, 2018

4 Ways to Market your Multifamily Property on a Smartphone

When it comes to attracting multifamily tenants, timing is key.

If you take too long to get in touch with them, they’ll already be touring the place across the street. Technology makes the leasing process more efficient while appealing to younger generations who tend to rent more. Even more comforting, using something as easily accessible as a cell phone to market your property ensures there will be no stone left unturned. Take advantage of these easy methods to market your multifamily property using a smartphone.

(1) Quickly get info to your prospects

The first thing tenants want to know is if they can afford the rent. Using an automated text program, prospects can text a keyword to a shortcode and receive all the basic information they need to make a decision. They can receive floor plans and pricing without taking the time to visit your website. They can be on their way to lunch and receive all of the details they are curious about before they reach their destination.

(2) Have a Live Chat program for Customer Service And Sales Questions

Either on your website or at the end of a text conversation, a prospect can instantly receive answers from a leasing agent without making a call or sending an email. Because it is instant, they won’t forget about the question they had or forget about contacting your leasing office. The lead is generated faster, and is automatically more qualified. You’ll already be making a great first impression in an industry infamous for their customer service!

(3) Schedule tours via text

When a prospective resident texts in a short code, they have the opportunity to schedule a tour. You can include options in your automated text such as provide your office hours, give them a window to come by, or integrate with your live chat feature to allow an agent to schedule an appointment in real time. You’ve quickly scheduled a time for undivided attention of the prospect, and your property will stick out even more in their mind as a viable option for their future home.

(4) Update your applicants on the leasing process

The sooner they are approved for a lease, the easier it will be for a prospect to picture themselves living at your property. Build excitement by sending updates when their application is received, what the next step is, and where to go if they have any questions. This also puts more pressure on the prospect to close the deal and make a commitment. Your property is on their mind more often than one that doesn’t take advantage of texting.

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