April 14, 2016

Automated Lead Generation: SMS Evolved

Customer information is perhaps one of the most valuable assets businesses can access for future success. But how do we access it? How do we obtain information from prospects or even current customers?

As a Millennial, I can tell you a common trend in today’s marketplace is the acceptance of mobile marketing. To us, it’s one of those marketing solutions that can sometimes be an annoyance; however, when a relevant offer comes our way and the return on information is fast, we allow the company access to our lives. The problem with most businesses is that they refuse/do not know to use one of the only solutions today’s young adults seem to accept.

Limited reach is sustained by the busyness of people, so not only is a fast and reliable means of lead generation necessary, it’s one of the only remaining ways to attract attention. And in the growing age of social sharing and mobile messaging, attention can consistently be drawn to one source, a mobile phone. It’s the only device that stays within three feet of a person 24/7 and allows businesses to effectively reach their audience.

Mobile messaging options include push notifications through apps or location-based targeting, but one of the more simple features that is far more effective is the text message. Utilization of this communication tool is on the rise and is now widely considered because of its innovative simplicity. It grants businesses the ability to access customers in a matter of seconds with a superior read and engagement rate.

  • Text Messaging has a 98% read rate as opposed to Email’s 20% open rate. (Source: IRIO)
  • Text Messages are 8x more effective at engaging customers. (Source: Cellit)
  • Mobile offers are redeemed 10x more frequently than print offers. (Source: emarketer)
  • Businesses will spend 7.4 billion in mobile messaging by 2017. (Source: Juniper Research)

By providing a fast and convenient way for customers to gather more information on your product, property, or service through the means of IRIO’s automated lead generation solution, you not only gain insights, you gather a database of prospects. Prospects, who like vessels cast out on the ocean, are thrown, tempted by every direction of the wind, but to find what they are looking for they must be directed by information that is relevant to the projected path. So direct them. Direct them with a text message that will instantly provide the pertinent information they need to get them to the decision point, where the prospect becomes the customer.

Contact IRIO if you’re interested in this innovative approach to mobile marketing that will help your business or property succeed in the growing digital age.