Bell Partners found that—with their previous text messaging provider—they were not able to communicate with leads in a time-effective manner. This was due to a lack of ability to send automated prompts. Instead, manual messages needed to be sent from team members, which caused delays in communication that ultimately led to lower lease conversions.
The Solution

With IRIO’s innovative text messaging technology, Bell Partners was able to: 1) provide easier and faster ways for prospects to set up tours, and 2) increase their overall lead traffic, both through the use of automated prompts.


Bell Partners understands that the current generation prefers immediate communication, and that they don’t want to wait around for a phone call.

IRIO allows Bell Partners to gather information from their customers quickly, without their customers needing to communicate with anyone directly. This ability for simple and quick communications has led to an increase in overall lease conversions.


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How We're Doing It For Foothills at Old Town
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