June 17, 2016

Bridge the Lead Generation Gap

When it comes to lead generation, the grind can be tough. One wrong move can decimate an opportunity while one right move can ignite growth.

And in the sales realm, there is a gap. The leads are on one side, and your business is on the other. There have been numerous attempts to jump this canyon, and while there are many success stories, there is a lacking consistency. Is there a steady bridge connecting the two sides?

The Lead Generation Bridge

In recent years, one solution now reaches the other side consistently. It’s something instant and reliable that your leads can walk across. It’s capable of driving more conversion. It captures all demographics. If you’re wondering what it is, think about what is likely within your arm’s reach right now. You might even be looking right at it as you read this.

The average adult in the U.S. has their mobile phone within three feet, 24/7.  (Morgan Stanley)

Mobile phones deliver messages, conveniently. SMS holds particular value in that it connects with all demographics. Delivering information fast, it can help prospects make educated decisions in better time than conventional methods.

According to a Pew Research study, texting is now the most common activity for smartphone owners. Yes, even more than calling, surfing the internet, social media or checking email.

Testing the Bridge

Several years before the mobile boom, IRIO conducted a study with a real estate management company called Greystar. In the study, we tested our information solution, where the potential customer was prompted to text in a keyword for info on pricing, floor plans and pictures of the property.

Over a 30-Day period, Greystar received 110 text leads. Around 80 of those were direct room requests, while the others included appointment, contact info and special requests. After the campaign, Greystar expressed their opinion:

“The program is unique and fits in with today’s text messaging trend. It helps people search for apartments while on the go… We have received quality leads!”  – Travis Fones, Greystar

It’s wise to adapt in the ever-changing world of business. Businesses that fail to adapt could plateau, or even worse, plummet. However, businesses who embrace change create opportunity. Unbinding themselves from the status quo and becoming something greater than their perceived limitations previously allowed. They become leaders.

So think differently. What trends might change your business? What wouldn’t? Explore every option so you don’t unintentionally create a barrier around the ways of old. Explore SMS. Become a lead generator.

“The six most expensive words in business are: We’ve always done it that way.”  – Catherine DeVrye