Businesses Blame Pikachu For Newfound Success
Taylor Davis | 7/22
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Businesses Blame Pikachu For Newfound Success

Taylor Davis | July 22, 2016 | All

While on lunch break, a band of Pikachu hustlers takes to the streets and hit the parks searching endlessly for grounds that may behold yet another Pokémon for the taking. After catching the illusory beasts, you train them. Repeat the process. Then again, on you go catching and training until you are the master, “the trainer”. So here we are, on the hunt, held captive by an addictive thrill, surrounded by virtual walls that beckon us to trudge on, feet against the pavement, wrought with the time-consuming desire to “catch ‘em all.”

Virtual reality, augmented reality, no matter what the actual term is, Pokémon Go carries an ability to change the way consumers perceive your business. More importantly, it can change the way your business activates mobile technology effectively and creatively in the marketplace.


Why is Pikachu to Blame?

Pikachu gets us outside, makes us go places we normally wouldn’t go, see people we normally wouldn’t see and do things we wouldn’t do. And businesses that understand this notion will reap the rewards. Not by a digital means of integration, but a less costly approach. If you’re wondering what I’m getting at, here are three steps toward simple integration with Pokémon Go that will help your business:


1.    Download the App

To build a marketing campaign around something, you first need to understand that “something”. Download the app. This simple step alone gets you ahead of other businesses in your attempt to relate to a new wave of consumers sweeping the nation, searching for Pikachu and his friends.


2.    Play the Game

Here, you’ll see that the app incentivizes people to get up and move to different locations, and see the world in a different light. Using your business sense, think about how you can tap into this activity and turn over a profit. By participating in the game, you’ll see Pokémon show up everywhere, and there are gyms where people can improve their game. It’s addictive.


3.    Relate with Consumers

Here is where your business can generate revenue. Connect with the consumer by offering rewards for their progress in the game. Supporting customer hobbies and interests creates customer loyalty and a sense of support for what they’re doing. In turn, this generates their support for your business.

  •  Advertise at the Pokémon training gyms
  • Hand out store-related prizes to people with the highest-level Pikachu
  • Host giveaways for people who catch Pokémon
  • Train Pokémon around your store

The list goes on, but the bottom line is that if you support them, they’ll support you.

But, how can you bring everyone up to speed with what you’re doing and how they can participate? That part is simple.


Use what they use to communicate.


Pikachu hustlers are already on their phones, so use mobile messaging to tell them to catch Pokémon at your store, property, live concert, sporting event, movie theater, wherever! Sure, you could email them, but what’s the instant “see rate” going to be on an email for someone playing Pokémon Go? 0%. Why? Because it doesn’t visually show you the email when it arrives. A text message is instantly visible. Activate SMS/MMS, and now you’re looking at a 100% “see rate” with consumers playing Pokémon Go.

Integrating an SMS/MMS solution with your Pokémon Go campaign will not only engage customers, it will drive customers into your store at a faster rate than sending an email or posting it on social media. If you’re a business looking to grow, follow the three steps above, activate SMS/MMS and have fun playing Pokémon Go.

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