April 9, 2018

Customer Service: The Live Chat Solution

Giving consumers the right amount of service and attention is a never ending battle these days.

But if you want to gain their loyalty, you have to show them you care. Sales and customer service departments are dedicated to this practice by actively engaging and smoothing things over. The more personalized the experience, the more special customers feel, and the more likely they will buy or keep coming back.

Using IRIO’s Live Chat Solution, customers can talk with a rep in a matter of seconds. They don’t have to hunt down an email, search through a website, or make a phone call. They can simply text in a keyword and start talking instantly via text. This makes the conversation easy for both the customer and the rep while you, the business, have access to qualified leads, message history, win/loss records, and more trackable data.

For support and call centers, a Live Chat feature opens up a dialogue between a customer and the business. When a customer feels like a brand is reachable, a relationship is born. Engaging customers allows them to feel valued and fosters loyalty.

Even better, open up your customer service reps’ time and allow them to text multiple people at once. You’ll generate qualified leads by quickly answering potential customer’s questions and personalize their experience with the power of text messaging. Through this feature, your business will be able to monitor reps and create a better experience with the valuable data the solution provides.

If you want to get started and activate a Live Chat solution for your business then text “WantChat” to 47464 so your business can start making conversation simple by sending a text.