October 5, 2016

Fight For The Cure

Growing up, I’d always believed that the word “cancer” meant the absence of good. Like a curse of some sorts, I knew the six-letter word could be associated with terms like evil, plague, and tragedy. And I was only a child then, a boy that hadn’t the slightest clue as to the science or the ramifications behind such a disease. Yet the word, when it was spoken, had enough power to silence a room, strike a chill through the bones, or skip the beat of a heart.

It’s a term that only grows more familiar as we come of age. It is something that has touched every single one of us. It has tormented us. It has broken us. But, life has a way of fighting back. I’ve seen people find truth, find purpose in their sickness. I’ve seen people overcome the impossible. I’ve seen immeasurable healing. I’ve seen miracles. And even if you don’t know it yet, we’ve all seen how light eradicates the dark, how a great sadness can be conquered by a greater good.

The first time I felt the true grip of the word was with my uncle, and then my grandfather. Both fighters, I watched them hold on for so long until there was no more left to give. Then everything went quiet. Everything was still. But in those quiet moments when everyone gathered together, supporting one another, I realized the giving never stopped. Their fight never ended. For in the climb ahead, through the hardships and pain, they are with us in the journey to each and every end. Every step of the way, they will guide us to where the breeze is cooler and the light is warmer. They will carry us to the peak.

We must join the fight to end cancer. We must fight for the cure. Cancer is a word we seek to dissipate. A disease that can one day become a piece of history as opposed to an everyday challenge people face. With enough hope, enough support, we may find the cure. We may find the solution that will let us sit together, talk together, but with one more person in the room. Someone who is there because of the fight everyone took part in for those that came before, for those who endured.

So, for the month of October, IRIO is donating a dollar to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for every 1500 text messages our clients send, a count that was in the millions the month before. In addition, we’ll be raising funds through our SMS donations product. All you have to do is:


  • Text “Fight” to 47464
  • Enter your given code and your credit card information in a secure database
  • Enter the amount you wish to donate
  • And hit send




Help us fight cancer. Help us fight for the cure. Help us restore hope. Donate now and let’s change the meaning of the word…for good.

Text “Fight” to 47464