How to Conquer Your Resolution: Cultivate Growth
Taylor Davis | 1/11
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How to Conquer Your Resolution: Cultivate Growth

Taylor Davis | January 11, 2017 | All

A new year, a new resolution. Get fit! Wake up early. Make a Cup of Joe. Hit the ground running. Repeat. Everyday. Repeat. Until your five days in and that snooze button calls out to you, “Push me!” It’s just right there. All you have to do is push the button, and you get all the more of that precious sleep.

Day one, you’re practically Rocky Balboa storming up those steps. Day two, you’re counting caloric intake, measuring your food on scales while family members question your emotional well-being. Day three, you’re watching sports movies to relate to the characters in your newfound journey of metamorphosis. Day four, you tell yourself the people in those movies are actors, and they have more time than you to get inspirationally jacked. Then day five hits and you find yourself engaged in a battle of fate with your seemingly depraved snooze button.

It’s a vicious cycle. Only a few break through the jagged edges of the “New Year’s Resolution.” Fighters who somehow find the willpower to accomplish something most individuals find themselves tossing into the pile of “unachievables.” But the trick, the key, to finding one’s ability to grow and achieve what they want to become is not in a word, but an action. Simply “do.” Make a decision and move forward. If you look back, you’ll find the place where idleness goes to rest, a place where you’ll be looking back and forth, losing a sense of direction like the rest.

But action is not just “doing.” It’s “doing” while bearing the consequences in mind. It’s knowing that the path varies in direction, rises and falls, and sometimes is plagued with a gap. And the one who finishes is the one who keeps those obstacles in mind yet chooses to overcome, who chooses to find a way even when there isn’t one.

So, where does the path lie for us? As IRIO continues onward, the journey has revealed that our bearing keeps in line with Ten for One, the promise to plant ten trees for every one tree we save. Fruit bearing trees, of all kinds, combating the wave of poverty and hunger that continuously tries to expand its reach. Last year, we planted over 27,000 trees in Western and Eastern Africa. 27,000! By sending millions and millions of text messages, we were able to help provide food and income for the 20,000+ people who rely on these trees.

Success for IRIO is success in the lives we change for the better. This is why our New Year’s Resolution is to plant at least 40,000 trees this 2017! But we can’t do it alone. We need YOU. Our clients, our partners, our followers, everyone who helps IRIO climb higher for what it could, by itself, never reach. Together, we can till the soil. Together, we can plant the seeds, provide the water, and maintain the growth. This is a call to action. A call to arms. Let us come together and cultivate growth!

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