February 21, 2019

How to Increase Customer Loyalty in 2019

48,000. That’s the number of emails I recently observed on a friend’s email inbox icon on their phone.

“Seriously?!” I said. “48,000 unread, unfiled, unneeded emails!”

“Most of them are marketing & sales emails, I just haven’t taken the time to delete and unsubscribe,” she responded.

Wow, talk about over-saturation. And this got me thinking, how many people out there are the same way? Their inboxes are so over-saturated with marketing emails they just glaze over them, never even opening…kind of like the way we’ve come to ignore telemarketers calls, or throw direct mail straight into the trashcan without reading it. And what about the companies sending these emails. Why are they still spinning their wheels, do they not know that less than 3% of marketing emails are opened?

So what’s a brand to do in a world where traditional methods are no longer working? How can brands increase customer loyalty in 2019?

What if I told you that you could get a 209% better response rate on your marketing efforts through text message marketing? The average text marketing campaign gets a 209% higher response rate than phone calls, Facebook ads, and email campaigns. IRIO is the only text marketing platform that can be completely customized for your specific needs. With IRIO’s TextCommunity, you can keep your customers informed and engaged.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to increase customer loyalty with IRIO’s TextCommunity:

Birthday Rewards – Everyone likes to feel special on their birthday. Of course, this idea is nothing new, but how can someone take advantage of a birthday coupon when they’ve never even seen it in an email or snail mail? With TextCommunity, you can set up specific messages to go out on your customers’ birthdays with links to coupons, free gifts, and promotions. With our import feature, you can drop in all your existing data to set up an automated process that will let your customers know you care on their special day.

Text Surveys – Find out what your customers want directly from the source. IRIO’s platform allows for two-way messaging, custom surveys, and automated messaging based on tags. Let your customers know that you care about what they think and what they want.

Text Sweepstakes –  Who doesn’t love winning!?! Implementing the concept within text messaging by allowing customers to text in for a chance to win gamifies the customer experience and energizes the brand.

Relevancy – Segmenting data and identifying areas of interest such as a dog owner or fashion bloggers will help any brand send relevant discounts and promotions via text message to increase store or website traffic.

Authenticity – Quality, presentation, and personalization all contribute to establishing authenticity around the brand. Text Messaging’s intentionality resonates with customers and provides them with the experience they demand. It’s a step beyond email. One that the customer is 95% more likely to see.

For more ideas on how to utilize text marketing to increase customer loyalty, browse our clients where we’ve had successful campaigns from Dick’s Sporting Goods, Dunkin Donuts, and more.