March 7, 2018

4 Ways HR Can Solve Internal Communication Issues

As an HR rep, your job is to sort out sticky situations. We all know that in the office place most, if not all, issues arise from lacking internal communication. But thanks to recent developments in the tech space, solving common internal communication issues is simpler than you think.


Here are 4 ways to use text messaging in HR for better internal communication:


Be Transparent Across All Departments


The bigger your company, the harder it is for Sales to understand what’s going on in Marketing or Accounting to know what changes are going on in Sales. Is Client Services on the same page as IT? Communication amongst departments can get blurry. Even worse, department heads could start playing the blame game when things go really bad. Get past any hopeful thinking that everyone is going to perfectly communicate and send a text update from HR.



No matter how easy you make it for employees to access important information, people will always ask HR the questions you’ve already covered. It wastes your time, wastes the employees time, and might make you a little frustrated after the same question has come across your desk multiple times in one day. Setting up an automated response to some FAQs on a texting platform will save everyone time and keep everyone in the know. Simply have them text in a keyword and let the platform provide questions for which they can select and receive the answer.

Give Them the Option to NOT Check Their Email


How many times have you sent an important email over the weekend or holiday and no one checks it until Monday morning? People don’t like to check their work emails when they’re on their mental break. Send time-sensitive alerts through text. After all, text has a 98% read rate, while email only has a 22% open rate.

Poll Employees


As an HR rep, it can be hard to know what your employees really think. Did they like the new caterer? Was the Insurance training beneficial? How do you decide who gets the suite tickets this week? Get feedback efficiently and anonymously by creating a text poll.


The possibilities don’t end here. Communicating across the office is rarely overdone. What internal communication issues do you have? Are you ready to see how texting can change things? Contact us here.