June 22, 2018

How to Keep Your Residents Safe During an Emergency

Whether it’s a natural disaster, an active shooter situation or a health crisis, your property probably has emergency procedures in place to keep people safe.

Communicating during an emergency is something you can’t over do. In fact, 9 times out of 10, communication falls short of perfect and a crisis can turn into something even worse. The bigger your community, the more people you have to protect. Getting communication out instantly and efficiently to all of your tenants is a must. Here’s how to use text messaging to keeping your property safe:


(1) Let them know about the issue

Send them a text leading with EMERGENCY or CRISIS and explain the emergency in just a few words. Don’t leave them wondering why the lights are off or what they should do if their apartment floods. They should trust you as their property managers to keep their belongings and their family members safe.


(2)Update them on any progress

Let them know that the flash flood has passed or that emergency crews are working on fixing the power.  In the mean time, they can come by the office for bottled water or flashlights. Updating them will keep any panic at bay, and they will applaud you for keeping them in the loop.


(3) Have them account for their wellbeing

If the worst situation occurs, such as an active shooter, a fire, or a tornado where people have been harmed, texting is an extremely efficient way to account for each person in your complex. If every person in your complex responds as accounted for, then you have nothing to worry about. If someone does not respond, or responds that they are injured, you will know right away who EMTs should go looking for.


(4) Remind them of procedures

People tend to panic in crisis situations and can forget exactly what they were taught to do if such an event occurred. Send a couple of text reminders to take cover in a closet, stay away from doors and windows, or prep their windows for a hurricane. Not only will you prevent damage to your property, but your tenants will be safer.



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