May 5, 2016

The New IRIO

We’ve rebranded! IRIO has a new look, a new feel. We also have a new purpose driving us, but we’ll get to that later.

We’ve always been a mobile marketing company, but now:

IRIO uses our industry insights to strategize, develop and implement a custom SMS/MMS solution that solves your unique business challenges.

SMS has been the backbone of IRIO since it was founded in 2006, and more recently we integrated MMS, which allows your business to send pictures, videos, and audio recordings with a text message. And together, SMS and MMS can provide custom solutions for any business challenge.

On our new site, we list a wide variety of solutions for businesses regarding current industries, specific problems, and then examples of how SMS/MMS can help solve those challenges.

We’ve also expanded our social media footprint, making it easier than ever for your business to access tips, updates, and other useful resources through your social media channel of choice. We’ve reclaimed some of our old channels and are present for the first time in others. You can now connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube!

Our decision to rebrand and further invest in the company is based on research proving that the consumer market continues to rely more and more on their phones. In this discovery, we’ve also uncovered that SMS/MMS, which is already the number one form of reach for the largest market segment, will expand well beyond conceived limitations.

We are doubling down on this notion that SMS/MMS will change the way businesses operate, advertise, and communicate in the growing digital age.

But not only are we solving the business challenges of today, as part of an initiative for the world of tomorrow, IRIO, is embarking on a mission to plant life-sustaining trees for impoverished people around the globe. We aren’t doing this with simple donations. We are planting trees with the text messages we send. As long as we’re texting, we’re planting. In fact, IRIO plants ten life-sustaining trees for every one tree that we save. Hence, why we call it “Ten For One.”

IRIO and Ten For One

In partnership with Trees for the Future, we have been able to bring life to this mission. This is how “Ten For One” works:

  • 8,333 Text Messages = One Tree Saved
  • One Tree Saved = 10 New Trees Planted
  • More Trees = Food And Income in impoverished regions

With “Ten For One’s” three-step solution to combating hunger and poverty in Western and Eastern Africa, we’ve managed to plant up to 20,000 fruit trees thanks to the help of our clients and the IRIO team. There is more to offer the world than just business solutions. There are people, future generations in need of basic elements to which every human has the fundamental right. This drives passion for our new mission, and we can do nothing but ask you to join us. Together through Ten For One, we can:

  • Build strong communities
  • Create educational opportunities for children
  • Permanently increase the income of poor farmers
  • Help families feed themselves
  • Provide permanent and seasonal employment
  • Reverse environmental degradation
  • Restore biodiversity
  • Remove megatons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere
  • Restore Hope


Take Action

Go check out our site, learn more about our solutions, read case studies, testimonials, watch the videos, read the blogs, and remember that together we can change lives with every text we send.