July 6, 2017

Why Nonprofits Should Be Using SMS

When there is a lot going on people tend to go into “survival mode” and only focus on what has the highest priority. Things like donating time and money to help others and nonprofits get pushed to the back burner.

The reality is the world is being shaped around our mobile phones. To access the phone is to access the customer. So, how do you harness its power to reach donors and volunteers for nonprofits? The answer—text messaging (also referred to as SMS/MMS).

Ask yourself this: If you have something important to send your donors and volunteers, whether it’s requesting funds or an event update, would you rather email them with a 22 percent open rate, or text them with a 98 percent read rate?

Although other forms of mobile marketing are sleek, innovative and appealing, they fail to generate what nonprofits need. Results. Text messaging may not seem exciting, but its effectiveness is unmatched. The choice is clear—the most reliable way to reach all mobile users for nonprofits is through SMS/MMS. Plus, it’s the perfect complement to traditional nonprofits marketing campaigns. But, now the question is how exactly do you reach them for your nonprofit needs?

Here are 5 of the best ways nonprofits can utilize SMS/MMS:

1. Fundraising/Collecting Donations

  • Here’s how it works: After the donor texts the keyword (ex. GIVE) to a shortcode (ex. 47464), they click the link, verify their device and provide payment information. Then the donor will receive a prompted text, enter the amount they wish to donate, and send. It’s convenient, simple and secure for any person with a mobile phone.

2. Coordinating Volunteers

  • SMS/MMS is ideal for contacting volunteers. Blast out a text that will notify your intended audience immediately. Send volunteers videos, text, or audio recordings stating your needs.

3. Second Event Reminders

  • SMS/MMS notifications can be used to update and inform pre, mid or post event via text. Text updates enhance engagement by keeping everyone on the same page.

4. Goal Progress

  • Use SMS/MMS notifications to immediately update everyone about your progress. This is the also the perfect way to get more donors by adding a call to action (ex. Respond “Give” if you’d like to help us reach our goal).

5. Donation Reminders

  • Use SMS/MMS to inform your donor base about giving opportunities. It’s an easy way to generate more funds.

IRIO offers customized SMS/MMS solutions so nonprofits can reach a wider audience. If you want to improve results, reach out and start using the effective approach. Use what THEY use to communicate. Start Texting.