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You don’t want to miss the opportunity to interact with your fans, followers, customers, or residents. And you definitely don’t want to miss the opportunity to interact with those who just found out about you either. With IRIO’s TextConnect product, you give everyone a way to initiate interaction and, at the same time, automate the lead-building process to expand your community.

Leads created
SMS response rate
more effective
than print
Build Better-Informed Lists.
Create Better Leads

TextConnect is an end-user driven product that uses keyword-triggered automation to respond to requests for information from users. The IRIO platform tracks each interaction--even providing the ability to live chat with engaged users--and can then integrate that data with a CRM system, allowing you to run a smarter, better informed business.

Specialized Applications


Display a keyword on your building, website, or any type of signage to allow prospects the ability to text in and receive more information. Using automated response technology, leads can have information delivered instantly in the form of links, photos, videos, or simple text.

Text-2 Win & Instant Text-2-Win

Run text-message-based contests–either picking a winner from a list of entrants or determine the amount of winners you’d like and let IRIO’s platform do the rest. With innovative engagement, you can create loyal fans and build your contact lists.


Raise money for your own non-profit or to support a cause that’s close to your business’ heart. If you’re a 501c3, you can setup your bank account through our payment partner’s PCI compliant terminal and receive tax-deductible donations via SMS.


Digitalize comment cards and get instant ratings on your products or services.  Gather the data in real-time so you can have a faster turn-around to create a better business.

Text-4-Survey & Text-2-Vote

Are you trying to gather specific feedback? Allow users to take brief surveys via text message with the capability to project the live results on a screen.


Respond to leads. Respond to service requests. Start a one-on-one conversation via text message with your prospects and customers to drive sales and optimize customer service.

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