September 13, 2017

Retail, Get Ready to Engage Your Audience

Want to know what your retail customers really think of you?

When it comes to gathering feedback for your retail store, the execution is critical.

If you make it inconvenient for them, chances are they won’t follow through. After all, paper forms end up in the trash and are abandoned once customers realize they have to mail, fax or scan their form in. And if you use paper, you’ve increased your carbon footprint and incurred unnecessary costs.

Try reaching them on the device they always have with them—their mobile phone. Gathering feedback for your retail store using a Digital Comment Card has a much higher adoption and completion rate. Plus, it’s less intrusive than emails, making customers more likely to participate.

Here’s how it works:

1.A customer buys shoes at a new retail store in town.

2.A sign at the register instructs the customer to: Text “FEEDBACK” to 47464.

3.They respond to the call-to-action as instructed.

4.Then, they receive a prompt asking them how their customer service experience was and to respond: “1” = Exceptional, “2” = Good, “3” = Neutral, and “4” = Horrible.

5.Next, they have the option to respond with any personal comments or suggestions they may have.

In just seconds, the business has gathered valuable data and the customer feels valued. To learn more about the Digital Comment Card and other retail solutions, contact us today.