Ten for One: The Giving Trees | Video Reveal
Taylor Davis | 9/08
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Ten for One: The Giving Trees | Video Reveal

Taylor Davis | September 8, 2016 | All

3,700. That’s the number of trees IRIO has saved since it launched Ten for One. Now, for some of you, you may hear that number and say, “So, what? That’s a lot of trees, but it’s not saving any rainforest.” Well, what if I told you that through Ten for One, we not only save trees, we plant trees.

“For every one tree saved, ten were planted in its place. Fruit bearing trees of all kinds, born to grow through the hardships that would limit life.”  – Ten for One: The Giving Trees

So what does that make 3,700? Thanks to Ten for One, that number transforms into 37,000 trees planted. Fruit trees. Forest-gardens. Trees for families in Western and Eastern Africa striving to become something better, something greater. Families who have for so long endured a battle with hunger and poverty no human should face. But with Ten for One, they have a chance to break free and produce food and income for themselves that they may prosper, their children may thrive, and their children’s children may experience sustainable life.

At IRIO, change is the journey, but hope is the wind that fills our sails, the path that guides our steps. Ten for One is nothing but hope for the future, a way that everyone at IRIO has chosen in an effort to find change.

Watch our new video, “Ten for One: The Giving Trees,” and understand our vision as to why “texting changes things.”

Ten for One: The Giving Trees

Support our cause by liking or sharing this blog or video. Visit our website and discover how your company can partner with us. If you’re not a business buy a T-shirt, and we’ll plant TEN trees for you! Help us end hunger. Help us end poverty. Let us change lives!

Visit tenforone.com and discover how you can join the fight for what is good!

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