Ten for One: Who We Help
Taylor Davis | 1/25
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Ten for One: Who We Help

Taylor Davis | January 25, 2017 | All

Growth is not something that happens in a day. There are none who desire it less when it comes to change, that is, change with poverty, hunger, and environmental strain. It takes time and is rewarded to the patient of heart. But what many don’t know is that there is a way to accelerate growth. To cultivate it, plant it throughout the world, nurture its impactful change, and maintain its continuous prosperity. How? Text messaging. You may say, “What?” But it’s true. With Ten for One, text messaging is a solution that accelerates change.

Ten for One, the new face of text messaging, has taken upon itself the enduring quest to sustain life where it is limited, by planting trees. To be more precise, through Ten for One, IRIO plants ten trees for every one tree we save, and we save one tree for every 8,333 messages we send on behalf of our clients. So with the millions and millions of outbound messages, IRIO has planted a little over 96,000 trees in two years!

How does texting save trees?

For advertisers and businesses, text messaging limits the use of paper. In fact, almost any communication relayed through print can be conveyed through a text message. Whether it’s communicating with customers, generating leads, or increasing engagement, text messaging reduces paper waste.

What does IRIO plant?

Life-sustaining trees that will help grow food and provide income for impoverished people while reversing the effects of environmental degradation. Our giving partner plants fruit trees as well as trees that contribute to a primitive farming method known as a “forest garden,” where trees will be planted around a designated spot, protecting and enriching the once barren soil caught within the natural fence.

Who does Ten for One help?

Men. Women. Children. Collectively, the focus is families in need. Ten for One supports a portion of the 20,000+ families our giving partner sends aid to via trees. They receive training in how to cultivate, plant, nurture and grow the trees so they may be successful in their fight against hunger and poverty.

To simply throw cash at these families and expect them to be okay would be irresponsible on our part as advocates for change. The best solution is to provide the tools, education, and resources for long-term growth as opposed quick cash for short-term gain.

It’s as the old Chinese proverb says,

“You give a poor man a fish, and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish, and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.”

So join IRIO’s fight and support Ten for One. Follow us and learn more about how you can Cultivate Growth!

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