November 12, 2018

Top Lessons Learned from Hurricane Michael & Hurricane Florence

As Hurricane Florence moved in, a young mother of four was running out of food, and the flood water was rising fast. She lived in a very small 1 story home and could not move to the roof with her four children ages 2, 6, 7 and 9. Thankfully, her need for rescue was posted to an online rescue resource website.

But what about those who don’t have internet or computer access? How do they request help?

For many people, posting online for rescue help is not an option, but sending a text is. Despite warnings, many people find themselves stranded with little resources during natural disasters.

“People think they can ride it out, but then it gets to where it’s too late,” says a Florida rescue-boat driver who helped during Hurricane Florence.

One of the few things people do have during an emergency is their cell phone. Even when internet service is out, IRIO’s multi-channel platform can be used for two-way communication and geo-location services during an emergency.

SMS doesn’t require the use of internet, and text messages have a 98% read rate. This means faster, more effective communication when it’s needed most.

IRIO’s text messaging platform can be used by organizations such as the Red Cross to help locate and communicate with people needing rescue. In addition to relief organizations, the following examples explain how IRIO’s messaging solutions can be used to help during natural disasters:

  • Apartment buildings can send a text message to all of their residents simultaneously to deliver important messages and receive messages from residents who may need help
  • Schools can let parents know if school is closing early and warn about safety concerns.
  • Companies can message employees and clients with availability updates, open hours, and more.
  • Relief organizations can display keywords for people to text-in (Text “IRIO” to 47464) so people needing rescue can connect with responders.

As we learned from Hurricane Florence, there isn’t always time to prepare for disaster. IRIO’s text messaging platform is the only SMS/MMS enabled solution that allows instant two-way communication and geo-location services for companies and organizations who want to be ready for the unexpected.

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