March 16, 2016

Trumping the Competition

Let’s get one thing straight. IRIO is not politically biased toward any candidate, and our beliefs and ideologies vary on the whole. But one figure in the political world never ceases to amaze us… Donald Trump. He is a candidate who has drawn in mounds and mounds of media attention with his antics, assertions, and accusations. Either people are devoutly for him or passionately against him, leaving very few in the middle.

But what is it that’s boosted this politically inexperienced candidate in the race?

It’s his brand, Trump. The name in and of itself has derived from his life’s work in building “Trump” as a statue of meaning. A meaning none other than success. That is what best defines the brand he seeks to bestow upon others.

Keeping in mind that he has a brand he’s sought to establish, Donald Trump has from a marketing perspective, explosively activated it. Politically we may not all fall in line with his beliefs or lack of beliefs, but his tactics in the marketing field have far surpassed any other in electoral history. By no means is it the most sophisticated, but its simplicity is what keeps the doors open and Trump’s name in the race.

If a company were to follow Trump’s example and activate a campaign so similar that they were to see results far beyond speculated belief, they would note his methods.

1. Earned a name in the industry
2. Created a mission and acted upon it
3. Implemented effective marketing tools/tactics to carry out success

Now obviously there are many more sub-factors in the equation of Trump’s success, but considering IRIO is a mobile marketing company, we would like to focus on one area in particular regarding his campaign. Text messaging. Number three on the list above considering it’s an effective marketing tool that carries out success. Keeping that in mind, if you’ve been watching the news lately, you will pick up on the little sign that rests in front of the podium from which this political candidate speaks. It says, “Text “TRUMP” to 88022”.


Trump, a marketing guru, is utilizing text messaging for his campaign. He has generated a massive amount of support, but more importantly, he’s created a loyalty to his brand. Loyalty that can be accredited to his mobile marketing strategy, one that is simple yet effective, just like his campaign for the Republican nomination.

While his political beliefs are somewhat radical, his business sense is sound. And it just may be his marketing tactics that factor into an equation of success for his campaign. Simple, yet effective. Contact IRIO if you are interested in powering up a text-messaging solution for generating leads and establishing loyalty among the wide array of customers in the United States.