February 17, 2016

What is Cross-Channel Mobile Marketing?

You already have a marketing campaign, you’ve done it the same for years now, and it works. Why would you adapt to new ways if the old ones work just fine? Well, the truth is, you can still stick to the old ways while adapting to the new ones. It’s called, Cross-Channel Mobile Marketing.

Cross-Channel Mobile Marketing is as simple as it sounds. It’s a way for mobile marketing to be added to your existing marketing platform. By integrating common marketing practices with mobile marketing via apps, in-game marketing, responsive websites, location-based marketing, and SMS, the combined total effort generates an output of success unlikely in the non-digital field.

Think about it for a second, with Millennials especially, you see them looking at their phone so much it effects where they walk in the street. What they talk about when they’re eating lunch. What they look at while they are engaged in conversations. It’s the one object that has to be by their side 24/7. So why not access that phone so you can access that customer?

With all of the mobile marketing methods you can make an impact, however, only one has the maximum possible reach for your target markets. SMS/MMS, short for text messaging and the ability to send pictures, videos, and audio recordings through text. If you integrate SMS or MMS into any one of your mobile marketing products or your traditional marketing campaigns, then you will maximize the effectiveness of your platform. How? Well, given that 2/3 of mobile users own a smartphone, 33% of them don’t. The math is simple, and the discovery is shocking when you conclude the effect of SMS/MMS.

Some stats for cross-channel mobile marketing with SMS and especially MMS:

  • 2/3 of mobile users own a smartphone
  • By 2018, 2 billion people will own a smartphone(half of the world’s mobile users)
  • Mobile video accounts for 55% of mobile data usage
  • 65% of world’s population are visual learners
  • In 2014, 78% of smartphone users access a retail site via a mobile app. These people want on-the-go, targeted information with minimal data use that a mobile app provides.


Integrating an SMS/MMS solution with any campaign you have set to go can help make a change for the better. More and more people, Millennials especially, are gearing their minds toward the digital push. The mobile solutions that are out there and waiting to be tapped into and all it takes is a call, email, or text to IRIO. A mobile marketing company that specializes in SMS and MMS. They’ve gathered ten years of mobile marketing data and insights that help perfect SMS/MMS usage with their clients. So reach out to them, and they’ll help you launch your next effective mobile marketing campaign.


P.S.-Text “IRIO” to 47464 to get an idea of what mobile lead generation can do. Message and Data rates do apply.