August 18, 2019

Introducing MIRI, IRIO’s New Lead-Generating AI for Multifamily

Starting on September 1st, IRIO will begin beta testing our new leasing chatbot, MIRI (Multifamily Intelligent Response Interface).

MIRI is a specialized leasing bot designed to help apartment communities gain leads and convert them into tenants. MIRI is essentially an upgraded, automated version of the Live Chat feature that has been so successful in driving leads for leasing teams and property managers as part of IRIO’s Text-4-Info solution.

While MIRI is in its 3-month beta testing phase, it will be available to multifamily leasing companies that currently use Text-4-Info and Live Chat.

So why did we create MIRI, and what will this new functionality offer to IRIO’s customers? Glad you asked!

Text-4-Info and Live Chat

As we mentioned above, Live Chat has been very successful in creating new leads for multifamily owners and managers.

Text-4-Info allows prospective tenants to text questions to property management companies or request more information about a specific community. One of the features of Text-4-Info is the ability to program automated responses to certain queries, decreasing the need for live responses.

However, even with its automation capabilities, many of the queries that property managers get on a regular basis require a manual response, simply because of the wide range of questions that get asked and the impossibility of programming an automated response to answer each one. That’s where Live Chat solves the problem. Offering two way text message communication with prioritized leads, live chat analyzes the conversation and gives reps the ability to answer questions fast. The solution leads to more tours and ultimately more leases.

However, property managers sometimes find themselves overloaded with messages, and simply don’t have time to respond. This can present a problem in a fast paced industry like property management, where results often depend on the ability to contact leads and answer questions promptly. This problem is what led to the development of MIRI.

Fully Automated Multifamily Lead Generation

Because MIRI is AI-based, the bot gets smarter over time, so that it’s able to handle more and more questions without needing to involve a live rep.

For instance, let’s say a lead texts in “Do you allow pets?” MIRI can respond by texting back a link to the property’s online pet policy for the prospective tenant to read over on their own.

This is a basic question that MIRI will be able to answer right out of the box. As MIRI becomes more and more intelligent, it will be able to handle more complex inquiries. The end result is a fully-automated, hands off lead generation system for property management.

Use MIRI for Free for Three Months

During MIRI’s three month beta testing period, it will be available for use by multifamily users free of charge. The beta testing period will run from September 1st to November 30th.

As more properties sign up, MIRI will learn more about the industry and how people react and respond, becoming more useful and more autonomous.

After the three month beta testing period, MIRI will officially go live as one of our offerings under the TextConnect umbrella of text message solutions.

Start Generating New Leads with IRIO

IRIO’s TextConnect solution is a powerful, proven way to generate leads as well as engage with current prospects, helping maximize occupancy across all of your properties.

Because every business is different, we customize our solutions for every single client that we work with to make sure that your most important goals are being met.

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